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Vanita Warren

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Educating Dry Bones who hear!



A Messianic Scholar and Theologian
Dry Bones who hear!

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Vanita Lynn Warren
Author, Genealogist
The hope of my journey in life is:  
"Well Done!"

“The success is in making the journey. You can
never predict what the destination will look like until you get there."
Vanita Lynn Warren
About Dr. Vanita Warren
  • Messianic scholar and theologian
  • Writer and Published author
  • Th.B., Th.M., and Ph.D. in Theology, Andersonville Theological Seminary
  • Writer for over 20 years for various ministries
  • Published in such magazines as Discipleship Journal, Christian Standard, and Pray
  • Sole-Proprietor of K. S. (King  Solomon) Industries: KSI Messianic Press (KSIMP) and KSI Genealogy (KSIGen) 
  • Retired law enforcement officer
  • Air Force Veteran and Reservist with over 20 years of military service
  • Former USAF AFOSI Special Agent
  • USAFR Education & Training Manager
  • Professional Genealogist (MyRoots2Me.com)